Anyone have any ideas? And now, I am unable to re-install it, it won’t be recognized in the Devide Manager. Some clicks and pops but I’ll try out Jean Francois’ advice and see what happens. I can confirm that the Vista driver v5. Jean Francois, Thanks for your report.

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Jean Francois, Thanks for your report. D,x received registration validation E-mail? I eventually just got rid of it and used the on-board soundcard in that PC because it worked significantly better in Vista.

Switching back to the Wave output solved that. They are version 5. If I remember correctly, you have to follow some specific steps to update the DMX drivers, too? I did move it into my other PC which also ran Vista and I received a lot of pops and clicks even listening to mp3 files through Media Player.

Pity, because this card was exactly what I needed and served me great for so long.

DMX 6Fire 24/96 | Cakewalk Forums

I had the same card, but abandoned it when I upgraded to a new computer and win dkx. User Control Panel Log out. Cool, thanks for that! Sound settings in W7: Sorry – it’s the WinXP driver. Anyone have any ideas?


DMX 6Fire 24/96

IMO even the creative lab cards converters are better than the Terratec now. Other settings are unchanged. Jean Francois Hello Vicsant, My post yesterday was claiming victory too soon.

Check out their ftp site for the beta drivers http: I didn’t even know there was a 5.

For such a lovely soundcard I would like to continue its use. Hey there, I also got a blue screen when d,x to reset the Asio settings in the control panel, but even though I didn’t change them, everything works fine and the quality is good. It didn’t work that well for me so I scrapped the audio interface for a Lynx.

Forums Posts Latest Posts. By the way, those who say they have it working in W7 all say they’re using the 5. I had some crazy problems with the dmx6fire in vista. dxm

TERRATEC DMX 6fire 2496 PCI Audio Card Front Modul Connector Drivers and Soft

Sepheritoh Max Output Level: I guess I will have to reinstall Seven from a clean slate. However, I would love to use the card in my older computer which I plan to upgrade to W7, so it’s nice to know that it can be made to work. They are for use with Vista if you are interested.


Under the big fat tree Status: Just got this email from Terratec: Quite agonizing, and all the more frustrating given the brief taste of heaven I experienced yesterday and now ending up with nothing!

TERRATEC DMX 6fire PCI Audio Card Front Modul Connector Drivers and Soft | eBay

I’m 24996 trying to run a dmx 6fire under windows 7. Been using it for years now. And now, I am unable to re-install it, it won’t be recognized in the Devide Manager.