I would caution everyone purchasing second-hand to only purchase from an authorized dealer so you can be sure you’re not getting counterfeit clubs. Brad Morris – 1 year ago. Thanks again for your generous comments. TexasTalk – 1 year ago. Whole bag is second hand.

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Now on the hunt for a Callaway Apex hybrid Triass to start rebuilding my bag. Can you test Dunlop Tour irons, the most basic clubs from Sports Direct?

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Turned out the problem is me. Since I’m finding more fairways my scores have dropped considerably. I would love to see Pete and yourself do this for 9 holes as a vlog. So saving the money and putting it into lessons is very much a smart move, especially since I am very much an average golfer. So what about the equvalient irons?



Best driver I have ever used. Chad Sugden – 1 year ago.

trimasa Will P – 1 year ago. You just have to know which type of weighting works for you. I dont think more expensive means better performance. Slow news day much? I think most people buy new clubs far to often, resulting in them never realy learning how to use the club.

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I just dealt with the 3w, replaced driver with another off the shelf brand. What would improve my game is more time spent on it. The irons trimass a set Just put the tales to the test. Golf can definitely be done on a budget depending on your ego and priority. I had a brand new but from an old serie xr who was cheaper, and still work great. As a result I have always played second hand beross.

Angus Jolliffe – 1 year ago. James Bond – 1 year ago. Huge step up from my previous driver and at a bargain. Usee – 1 year ago. I bought the wedges individually P, A, S, L. Anthony Coppa – 1 year ago. And we the average Joe won’t notice much difference.


As soon I stated to get the hang bernoss driving I went online and found me a slightly used adams blue Siddharth Nandan – 1 year ago. Taylormade rbz Tour 9.

Paul Kelly – 1 year ago. Mark Smith – 1 year ago. Thanks to the guys at golfbidder. The other club I liked was the Titelist AP3 and when that is on “closeout” in three years, I might consider trading to it. Carl Kindred – 1 year ago.